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Internet of Things (IoT) & M2M Billing Solutions

Machine-to-machine billing is an essential element in the expansion and the monetization of the IoT and M2M domains. Within the Internet of Things (IoT), service providers must be able to offer new deals, services and pricing models quickly and easily to keep pace with the fast growing M2M sector.

Operators demand IoT billing systems that can handle a complex range of business formations – telematics (especially in the transportation industry), smart grids and other utilities, security, entertainment, industrial and more. Furthermore, the process can involve numerous partners in a highly complex value chain.

Leap Billing for M2M & IoT

IoT and M2M Monetization with Flexible Billing Platform

Leap™ Billing for IoT and M2M is the answer. FTS' Leap Billing platform can effectively be deployed by service providers or dedicated M2M MVNEs and MVNOs, providing:
  • Easily and rapidly configurable pricing and marketing plans using a simple and friendly graphical user interface.
  • Flexible service plans based on such features as transactions frequency, devices, time of day, location, applications, or data usage.
  • M2M policy control: Dynamic business-rules engine provides unlimited policy and charging rules to create on-the-fly micro-segmented strategies.
  • Broad support for partners in a complex value chain, with no limit to the number of organizations or the interconnection agreements and settlements involved.
  • A scalable system that meets growing and rapidly-changing market while supporting multiple applications.
  • Automated first-usage activation of devices using pre-assigned starter kits. As soon as a device is activated a basic set of services, pre-provisioned for a particular class of service, becomes operational.
  • Delivered via cloud or on-premises models and runs on a broad range of hardware and on Linux to keep the cost per unit at a minimum.

Click to read more about Leap™ Billing, FTS' flagship convergent billing solution.

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