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Bill Shock Prevention

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Bill Shock Prevention - Controlling Roaming Costs

Even with the high degree of awareness that service providers have attempted to instill in users, they are still too often unaware of the real cost of downloading data while roaming. This lack of understanding can result in the frightening experience of “bill shock” which often leads to unhappy customers, churn, and even class action lawsuits. Furthermore, it can jolt subscribers into drastically reducing their across-the-board use of mobile data services while roaming.

Based on its Leap™ Policy Control software, FTS’ policy control and charging solution delivers a comprehensive bill shock prevention solution that alerts subscribers, in real-time, when they are about to reach the data usage limit set on their subscriber profile. It then offers a diverse range of options to resolve the immediate and long-range issues associated with data usage:

  • It prevents bill shock for prepaid and postpaid customers by offering real-time self-controlled data usage plans
  • It encourages customers to use mobile data while abroad by offering a series of roaming cost control features, thereby creating new revenue source for the operator:
    • Define usage caps
    • Set notification alerts on usage
    • Define rules when 100% usages has been reached

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