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Allot & FTS Grant Providers Business Control of Services

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Allot Communications and FTS Grant Providers Business Control of Services through Granular Network Visibility

Allot-FTS Solution Creates New Revenue Opportunities and Increases Customer Retention

Minneapolis – February 12, 2007| Allot Communications (NASDAQ: ALLT), a leader in IP service optimization solutions based on deep packet inspection (DPI), and FTS (LSE: FTS) , a provider of policy control, billing and CRM solutions, have partnered to deliver service providers a comprehensive and integrated platform for real-time visibility and business management of customer services. The platform enables service providers to offer innovative services such as tiered service packages, customer self-provisioning, and smart, service-aware quota management.

As service providers face increasing competition, they are constantly driven to create new revenue streams and guarantee quality of experience. Allot's DPI-based NetEnforcer works together with FTS's Leap Business Control Engine to grant service providers granular visibility and dynamic control of how their network is being used. FTS’s Leap™ Business Control Engine (Leap BCE) provisions Allot’s NetEnforcer with business policies that control service plans, such as application prioritization and control of VoIP (Voice over IP) and video streaming traffic, online gaming, use of P2P file sharing applications and more. Using its advanced DPI technology, the NetEnforcer detects the use of these applications and enforces QoS (Quality of Service) according to the provisioned policies. In addition, the NetEnforcer collects usage statistics for each subscriber and application, allowing Leap BCE’s next generation charging capabilities to place monetary value on transactions, charge per-event, act on accumulation of events, and implement sophisticated, self-provisioned service plans.

The two companies bring years of experience in integrating solutions with operators’ OSS/BSS environments. The joint solution is deployed alongside existing systems and comes equipped with interfaces into billing, CRM, and other BSS systems as well as standard southbound interfaces into the network.

“FTS’ Leap Business Control Engine enables providers to make changes in real-time to service packages, which gives customers the availability and quality they need, on-demand,” said Azi Ronen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Allot Communications. “This extends Allot’s solution to provide a full service option on the network and management side, enabling service providers to offer all-in-one solutions that benefit the customer.”

“With this partnership in place, we look forward to tapping into Allot’s extensive telco and service provider customer base, enabling new revenue opportunities and improving retention,” said Yair Sakov, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, FTS. “Together, our two companies offer a solution addressing real-time customer interaction from a business stand point, allowing providers to deliver exciting new services and redefine the user experience.”


About Allot Communications
Allot Communications (NASDAQ: ALLT) is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization solutions. Designed for carriers, service providers and enterprises, Allot solutions apply deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to transform broadband pipes into smart networks. This creates the visibility and control vital to manage applications, services and subscribers, guarantee quality of service (QoS), contain operating costs and maximize revenue. Allot believes in listening to customers and provides them access to its global network of visionaries, innovators and support engineers.


About FTS

FTS works with telecommunications, content and payment service providers globally to help them manage complex transactions and relationships with greater flexibility and greater independence.  Analyzing every transaction from a business standpoint, FTS offers end-to-end and add-on telecom billing, charging, policy control and payments solutions to customers worldwide, and services both growing and major providers. FTS implements solutions, including convergent billing platform installations, in mobile, wireline, broadband, MVNO/E, payments, e-commerce, M2M/IoT, mobile money, cable, cloud and content markets. FTS’ BSS solutions dramatically lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for telecoms and content service providers. For more information see and follow FTS on Twitter @FTS_Billing.


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