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No Wall Is Too High

In today’s competitive telecom environment, new entrants cannot afford to invest in customized, large-scale telecom billing and CRM solutions. While service providers try to circumvent this limitation by investing in productized solutions, when the number of subscribers and demands grow, they face the challenge of painful and costly replacement implementations.

FTS express™ is a scalable and flexible billing and customer care system wrapped as a software appliance for entry-level or niche operations. Built on the concept of ‘No Wall Is Too High’, FTS express lays the foundation for a full-blown, customized solution with business evolution.

An all-in-one solution for charging, billing, AAA, balance management, customer care and policy control, FTS express offers unparalleled advantages:
  • Flexible, easily configurable by the service provider – no vendor intervention required
  • Grows as needs and demands change with predefined, yet expandable business and rating rules
  • Scalable - move seamlessly into a full telecom billing solution as subscriber base and complexity increases, without the need for a migration process
  • 50,000 subscriber ready with basic hardware configuration
  • Partner-ready product - professional services & implementation by partner
  • A software appliance complete with hardware and 3rd party software

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FTS (Formula Telecom Solutions) provides convergent billing, charging, customer care, policy control and payment software solutions that have greater flexibility and provide greater independence for communications, content and payment service providers, resulting in a dramatically lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  FTS deploys its full range of end-to-end and add-on policy management, telecom billing systems, payment solutions and professional services in mobile, wireline, cable, wireless, content, M2M and the Internet of Things, cloud, broadband, e-commerce and m-commerce companies worldwide, including multiple converged, cross-network billing platform installations.