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Policy Control: Industry Quotes & Thoughts

FTS is an industry innovator and visionary, converting traditional billing and CRM systems into proactive business engines improving communications, service deployment, and customer retention. In 2006 FTS released the ground-breaking Leap BCE and was among the first to provide an integrated policy management system. The product was recently renamed Leap Policy Control to better reflect its positioning as a leading application for real-time data monitoring using fully-configurable business rules.

Since its inception industry analysts have praised FTS' innovative technology and Leap BCE/Policy Control that has redefined the service provider-subscriber relationship.

“In the past, service providers have dictated to their customers what types of services they can have, based largely on the capabilities of the network. The Business Control Layer is what the industry needs right now; it allows service providers to recognize business events—not just billable transactions—thus allowing them to offer services that customers truly want.”

Karl Whitelock, Senior Consulting Analyst

Analysys Research
“Our current research into "next-generation billing" and the future roles of BSSs and OSSs suggests that there's now a coming together of order-taking, service provisioning, charging / rating, billing and customer care into a real-time service that delivers increased utility to customers and encourages adoption of new services, thereby reducing churn and contributing to increased service revenues. The terms ‘bill’ and ‘billing’ are now a handicap to understanding what this service is and what it does, because they bring with them a legacy mindset which is at odds with the new emphasis on customer-driven, business-rules-based processes supported by real-time systems appropriately integrated throughout the front and back office.”
Teresa Cottam, Associate Analyst, Analysys Research, and author of "The Next-Generation Bill: commercial and technical strategies"

Strategy Analytics
“Business Control Layer (BCL) enables operators to provide all the benefits of a fully-converged network, without the substantial capital outlay and operational complexities inherent in true convergence. As a result, end users benefit from a suite of compelling and fun services, enhancing their user experience and thus their loyalty to the network...FTS' Leap BCE implementation of BCL has demonstrated that BCL is a pragmatic way to achieve convergence today.”
Sara Harris, Senior Industry Analyst, Global Wireless Practice, Strategy Analytics

Disruptive Analysis
“Although many operators and network Vendors are talking up FMC services, these visions have often left gaps relating to practical implementation. A specific area of weakness has been around well-thought out billing, provisioning and customer care architectures. These are fundamental to development of a good user experience, without which FMC services have little chance of mass-market appeal.”
Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis
The Yankee Group
 “As communication services become commoditized, the service providers that can reduce churn by giving customers an improved experience, whilst maximizing ARPU are the ones that will prosper. Business Control Layer is an important new technology that can give service providers the means to achieve that, and therefore realize an important competitive advantage.” 
Paul Hughes, VP Billing & Payment Strategies

“Leap BCE can serve as a business oriented Application Server in the PCMM architecture. This would enable cable providers, for the first time, to adapt network and service behavior based on customer interaction opening new revenue opportunities and delivering substantial added-value to customers. For examples deliver real-time, dynamic, bandwidth-on-demand.”
Andrew Carver, General Manager, Europe

Logan Orviss International 
“Real time analysis represents a fascinating chance for a true dialogue with the subscriber. The ability to capture and analyze usage patterns and interest maps for each individual subscriber in real-time is material for the continuous success of content services. For the operator, they represent a chance to strengthen the bond with the subscriber, better overall revenue generation and retain subscribers over value – rather than price.”
Hagay Climor, Senior Partner


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