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Mobile Money Solution – full support for complex revenue-sharing schemes

Leap™ Billing for Mobile Money leverages FTS’ proven experience in the telecom industry to support the unique aspects of mobile money interactions. Leap Billing for Mobile Money provides operators with a comprehensive set of tools to support any payment or banking process over the mobile network in real time, at any time.

Leap Billing for Mobile Money delivers a simple and effective user experience in which a customer is able to conclude a purchase, make payments, or transfer funds through a mobile device with a few simple steps.

Leap Billing for Mobile Money can be used by operators for a wide range of mobile money services, including:

  • Money transfers
  • International remittances
  • Mobile payments and commerce
  • Payment for multiple sources from single account
  • Mobile wallet

Leap Billing for Mobile Money assures increased revenues from various streams such as retail services and financial transactions. It can be fully integrated with standard services including messaging, promotions, and loyalty programs.

Revenue sharing schemes are complex business ventures and FTS provides customized tools that foster cooperation among mobile network operators and with banks. In spite of varying business objectives and different mind sets, FTS’ partners and settlements module ensures that mobile operators can deploy sophisticated revenue sharing and commissioning plans in a variety of ecosystems, defining transaction-based revenues rather than commonly used up-front payments.

Leap Billing for Mobile Money user interface can be fully branded with an operator’s logo and color scheme.

FTS delivers built-in exit points and APIs ensuring simple and rapid integration with external systems using standard interfaces and protocols.

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