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Mobile Money - Features and Functionality

Leap Billing for Mobile Money has a full set of features ensuring that it provides all the functionality required for payment or banking processes while meeting all international requirements and standards.

  • Security: One of the key elements of Leap Billing for Mobile Money is a totally secured mechanism that ensures safe and effective money transfers, mobile commerce, and mobile banking from all types of mobile devices.  Subscribers can connect their mobile wallet account to their bank counts, credit cards, or online payment gateways. These accounts support secured, real-time mobile banking functionality enabling subscribers to deposit and withdraw funds into their mobile wallet, access those funds via mobile banking and payment options as well as utilize a variety of related functions to make payments and manage their money.

  • Balance Management Engine: Provides a flexible, multi-currency, multi-attribute e-Wallet for all sorts of financial or non-financial transactions. The balance management engine counts and accumulates any numeric attribute, including currency, volume, duration, number of transfers, number of balance top‐ups, etc. It is also capable of triggering credit control and anti-money laundering actions.  Balance management can be done at any hierarchy level: subscriber, reseller, merchant and partner.

  • Business Planning and Rule Designer: Provides a centralized web‐based application for configuring products, services, commissions and business rules – supporting charging, discounting (aggregated and cross-service discounts), personalized promotions, pooled benefits, cost sharing and reseller commissions (aggregated and tiered) as well as event based charging and commission (set-up fees, termination fees, periodic charging etc.).

  • Customer Management: A web-based user interface supporting all aspects of customer management, including registration and account initiation, modification and termination, customer and service maintenance, and financial treatment. The Customer Management module is open and can be easily integrated with any CRM when the need arises.

  • Web Self-Care: Leap Billing also offers a portal so subscribers can manage their services at their leisure, thus significantly reducing churn.

Administration and Operation

Leap Billing offers a comprehensive toolkit for system administration and system operation monitoring that includes:

  • Security management
  • Error management and correction
  • Audit and control files
  • SNMP agents reporting system status and performance


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