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The Evolving Digital Landscape

For today’s service providers, the evolution to providing digital services presents a unique set of new challenges: supporting the rapid launch of innovative services; ensuring cross service partner engagements with multiple new partners in complex value chains; facing declining revenues from traditional services; adapting to new and non-familiar business models; investing in new higher-growth services areas; and dealing with new competitors such as over the top (OTT) providers.

Enabling Partner Management and Smart Revenue Sharing

The solution to these challenges lies in having the ability to create or support new business models and relationships with new partners, which are increasingly interlinked and ever more complex. With new partners come different requirements for revenue sharing and commissioning models: this is where smart revenue sharing comes in.

Personalized Partner Interaction

Partner management and smart revenue sharing enable service providers of all kinds to interact smoothly and seamlessly with all the partners within their ecosystem, irrespective of whether they are MVNEs and MVNOs, IoT service providers, interconnect and roaming partners, OTT players and content aggregators, application developers, mobile money and payment service providers, utilities or banks. Each of these sectors has its own set of rules, its own business logic and its own way of doing business.

FTS’ Leap Billing’s partner management capabilities enable service providers to implement solutions that can facilitate revenue sharing, settlements and interconnect relationships. Fast partner on-boarding process, rapid time to market, flexibility and vendor-independence provided by Leap Billing are key elements in the effective deployment of revenue sharing business models.

Partner management and smart revenue sharing enable the creation of new revenue streams including the introduction of bundle offers together with content providers (music, video and other digital goods) and overall support for today’s digital lifestyle, IoT and the connected world.

FTS' Partner Management System - Features and Benefits

FTS’ partner management system offers the following features:
  • Personalized contracts and relationships with each and every one of the partners in its ecosystem
  • Fast and automated partner onboarding process
  • Flexible management and settlement of telecom and non-telecom partnerships
  • Support for an unlimited number of partner agreements, revenue sharing and hierarchy levels
  • Advanced self-service capabilities – empowering partners to manage their preferences and increasing partner satisfaction
  • Enabling revenue sharing & sponsored data services

By implementing FTS’ partner management software, a service provider will increase its attractiveness to the entire ecosystem and will benefit from:

  • Improved business relationships
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Creating new revenue streams and ultimately, increased revenues

Partner management and smart revenue sharing is the key to managing and scaling with any demands today’s communications and digital service providers are presented with.

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