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Unlimited Flexibility in Creating Revenue Sharing Models

Payment processing, digital merchant acquiring, and commissioning procedures – within the e-commerce and the m-commerce arenas – are obviously extremely sensitive and, to a degree, problematic. Payment processing gateways are not particularly scalable to permit upgrading as a company’s business processes and complexity grow. Upgrades and expansions are frustratingly intricate and lack the basic flexibility to deal with rapid growth. If you are facing similar issues, have a close look at FTS’ proven smart payments enabling solution that is easily scaled to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Based on our broadly deployed Leap™ Billing technology, FTS’ smart payments enabling solution automates the rating, billing and settlement functionality of commissioning and payment systems and provides payment service providers (PSPs), ISOs, online merchants and merchant acquirers with the tools to focus on the e-commerce and m-commerce arena.
  • Easily and rapidly configurable pricing, payments and commissioning plans using a simple and friendly graphical user interface.
  • Enabling sophisticated commissioning and revenue sharing models that empower companies to provide individualized payment solutions for a potentially unlimited number of partners in an environment of complex value chains.
  • Providing multi-language, multi-currency support on a single billing platform.
  • Delivered via cloud or on-premises models and runs on a broad range of hardware and on Linux to keep the cost to a minimum.

Click to read about FTS' smart payments enabling solution for merchant acquirers or contact us to request additional information.

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