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Leap Ahead with FTS - Whatever Fits your Bill

FTS product strategy is built on the premise that events and transactions hold significance beyond the simple monetary value attached to them. Understanding this implication and acting on it in real time is the key to creating a new paradigm in the provider customer relationship. Results of this new perspective manifest themselves in higher revenue, lower OPEX, and reduced churn.

Our solutions can be deployed in every layer of a service provider’s business: From end-to-end telecom billing platforms through convergent charging software to a powerful policy control and charging engine that introduces business sense into the network.

Tightly integrated, our products deliver market leading solutions to any type of provider regardless of its network infrastructure.

Leap Billing

Leap Billing is a convergent, flexible billing & customer care solution that realizes substantial reductions in OPEX and CAPEX while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.  Leap Billing has a rich feature set and future-proof capabilities to handle any straightforward or multi-play transaction.  Read more

Leap Policy Control

Leap Policy Control is a flexible convergent charging and policy control (PCC - PCRF) solution designed to help service providers manage and monetize broadband and mobile broadband services. Leap Policy Control gives operators the power to monitor network usage in real time and, using fully configurable business rules, dynamically manage network resources, applications and the customer experience.  Read more

FTS express is a scalable and flexible billing and customer care system wrapped in an appliance for WiMAX, LTE, VoIP, ISP, broadband, multi-play, wireless, MVNE, MVNO, IPTV and more. FTS express is an all-in-one product for online charging, billing, AAA, balance management, customer care, policy control and interconnect.  Read more
Read more about our various telecom billing and payments processing solutions.

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FTS (Formula Telecom Solutions) provides convergent billing, charging, customer care, policy control and payment software solutions that have greater flexibility and provide greater independence for communications, content and payment service providers, resulting in a dramatically lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  FTS deploys its full range of end-to-end and add-on policy management, telecom billing systems, payment solutions and professional services in mobile, wireline, cable, wireless, content, M2M and the Internet of Things, cloud, broadband, e-commerce and m-commerce companies worldwide, including multiple converged, cross-network billing platform installations.