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Our goal is two-fold:

  • To offer providers a powerful and cost-effective business engine that encourages revenue growth and adapts to their present and future business objectives
  • To empower their customer base with the ability to obtain greater control of the services they demand

Professional Services for More Effective Performance

At FTS, excellent customer service is at the core of everything we do. Whether you have just purchased a new system or are upgrading an existing one, our Professional Services teams strive to provide you with first-class service tailored to your specific needs.

Leveraging over 18 years of experience in a highly competitive market, we have what it takes to have your systems up and running fast and with minimum downtime.

Each project we embark on with our customers involves the implementation of either one or a combination of our products and services, including:

  • Data definition: Data from your systems such as price plans, discounts, catalogues, long-term agreements between the customer and its subscribers, users and permission details, lists of addresses, population of reference tables and currency rates, are all collated and studied.
  • Business processes: Before customizing a solution, our highly qualified project management team studies the way you conduct your business and your company’s business processes.
  • Conversion: As an integral part of any project, data from existing customer care and billing systems must be converted to the new FTS system. This process includes developing software, performing trial conversions, testing the conversion window, and developing a contingency plan in the event that the cutover is not successful.
  • Interfaces: At this stage, new and/or upgraded systems are connected to our customer’s existing and/or legacy systems.
  • Training and documentation: Towards the cutover stage of the project, we provide you with excellent ‘‘train the trainer’’ courses, so that key personnel obtain in-depth knowledge of our products and gain job efficiency.
  • Software and hardware readiness: Before the cutover stage, we make sure that you have all the licenses needed, and advise you on complementary software programs that may be required, as well as the hardware needed to bring about a smooth implementation of your new system.
  • Testing and parallel running: The testing and parallel run of you bill production process ensures that the new system functions optimally within your business (for example, ensuring that the new system generates the same invoices as your legacy system). Our dedicated quality assurance teams also review source code samples to make sure that they are written accurately and according to our standards.
  • To guarantee smooth transition and migration, comprehensive testing is key. To this end, we conduct a myriad of tests in several environments, including:  
    • Product testing: Ensures that the product performs according to its specifications and in compliance with your requirements.
    • Performance testing: Ensures that the required volume can be produced, for example, that the system can generate the maximum number of invoices you requested.
    • Integration testing: Makes sure that all the interfaces are tested and are running smoothly.
    • Acceptance testing: Enables you to verify that the products perform according to their specifications and your requirements. These tests also guarantee that the system is ready to go ‘‘live’’.
    • Regression testing: Tests your system again to ensure that any last-minute changes did not damage the system and/or its performance and functionality.
    • Roll out and cut over: Finally, when all work and tests have been completed to your full satisfaction, it’s time to roll out and cut over (switching from the old to the new system).

Even after roll out and cutover, the work of our Professional Services is not completely done. To ensure that the new systems perform as expected, we typically deploy support personnel at your premises to support ongoing operation.

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