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Sponsored Data Models

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Sponsored Data Models and Partner Revenue Sharing

Sponsored data represents a dynamic new concept in regard to digital content charging approaches. Sponsored content is an ideal way for service providers to drive up consumption of bandwidth-hungry video services while freeing the customers from a portion of the charges, by allowing them to access fixed or mobile content without it affecting their data plan. Data charges for that specific usage are billed directly to the sponsoring company rather than the user.

FTS’ policy control and charging solution offers several flexible sponsored data charging packages.
  • Toll Free (1-800 style) data services in which certain usage or applications are not charged or counted as part of the monthly quota (“zero-rated usage”)
  • Mobile data costs are moved from the consumer to the content provider via a two-sided charging model for mobile data. Advertisers, app developers, or content providers foot the bill for the data used.

Leap™ Policy Control enables creation of a variety of revenue sharing models, supporting multiple over-the-top (OTT) providers, different service levels and different types of data. Operators can manage OTT partner relationships through:

  • The creation and control of invoices
  • Handling payments
  • Manages balances

Furthermore, FTS’ Leap™ Policy Control allows flexible negotiation terms and personalized contract creation with each type of partner.

Read more about FTS' policy control and charging or other telecom billing solutions.

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