Taken hostage by
your billing system?

We provide better
billing systems for
telcos, MVNOs,
M2M / IoT and more

Does your billing
vendor ruthlessly
charge for the smallest
of requested changes?

Does it take
months to
launch a new
service or
price plan?

Gain advantage over your competition

  • Turn billing into a business growth enabler instead of a bottleneck
  • React instantly to market changes
  • Enable innovation
  • Save time and money


  • Fast on-boarding of new partners
  • Flexible partner management tools
  • Personalized multi-partner billing
  • Smart revenue sharing

We have over 20 year
track record of
setting our
customers free


With FTS, you do not face your
billing challenges alone. We
provide a full range of
professional services and
dedicated support worldwide.

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