Gartner IRCM CSP Magic Quadrant

Reflections on Gartner’s IRCM Magic Quadrant for CSPs

We read with interest a recent post asking “… has Gartner gone completely sane?”

African Wireless Yearbook 2017

African Wireless Communications Yearbook 2017: Interview

How has the African wireless communications market evolve over the last year?

MWC Mobile World Congress Barcelona

The Business of the Business at Mobile World Congress

The madness of Mobile World Congress is over for another year. Event review.

Mobile Money & Mobile Data in Africa Telecoms Market

Mobile Money & Mobile Data in Africa Telecoms Market

Yael Ilan talks through some of the changes we are seeing in Africa's telecoms market.

Cog, IoT

Smart Revenue Sharing in the IoT Billing World

Smart Revenue Sharing - A Crucial Cog in the IoT Wheel.

Mobile Money Software

Africa Leads the Way in Mobile Money Services

Sub-Saharan Africa leads the world when it comes to the adoption of mobile money services.

IoT Billing, M2M, Drone, Smart City

Why Billing is Key to Unlocking IoT’s Potential

The complex many-to-many relationships of IoT depend on partnerships, explains Avi Kachlon.

Telecom BSS Predictions 2016 - Smart Revenue Sharing

2016: The Year of Smart Revenue Sharing

What we believe will make the most difference in 2016? Partner management and smart revenue sharing.

Revenue Sharing, Partner Management

BSS Evolution and Smart Revenue Sharing

With the growth in digital, BSS now needs to support a vast network of interconnected partners.

Monetization of Digital Services

Content and Digital Services Monetization

Ilan Benodiz explains how smart revenue sharing works in practice.

Telecom Billing & Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics: Making the Most of Billing Data

Just because billing models are changing, it doesn’t mean that billing data is obsolete.


FTS’ Innovative Billing Solutions Get Industry Recognition

Gartner’s IRCM Magic Quadrant: recognizing FTS' focus on providing innovative BSS solutions.

Smart Revenue Sharing

Smart Revenue Sharing

Imagine a band dividing up royalty payments based on the time each member has played:

Telecom Billing Predictions, - What 2015 Holds for the Telecoms Market

Looking Ahead: What 2015 Holds for the Telecoms Market

As 2014 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at the hottest trends in telecoms for 2015.

LTE Mobile Billing

LTE Monetization

The arrival of 4G networks presents new monetization challenges. Nir Asulin explains.

Working Through the M2M Value Chain

Working Through the M2M Value Chain

Communications Africa Magazine article discusses the future of M2M in Africa.

ringing Prosperity to Developing Countries

Fibre: Bringing Prosperity to Developing Countries

Connect World Magazine article discusses the promise of fibre for African telecom operators

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