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A virtual environment with FTS

As a service provider in a real-time charging environment, your needs are not the same throughout any one time period or across disparate geographical locations, so owning maximum capacity at all times is an unnecessary cost.

Flexibility with a cloud solution

Freeing you from the constraints of physical hardware, FTS’ virtualized solutions offer the flexibility of either an on-premise private cloud solution or a public cloud solution from providers such as Microsoft and Amazon.

By installing on a virtual environment, your system will be able to handle the peak and off peak charging requirements as well as your bill cycles thanks to always-on availability and deployment flexibility.

FTS’ Billing solutions are certified to work on different Virtualization Hypervisor platforms, including:

  • VMWare vSphare 6.5
  • Microsoft Hyper-V 2016
  • Red Hat KVM

They also work on any cloud-based platform such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and OpenStack flavors.

Cloud-based Solutions



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